Covid-19 Updates – 26/02/2022

We are closely monitoring and following the requirements of the Victoria Government here in The One Room Escape.

Masks are not required at the moment but still recommended to wear them


    • Rooms will be sanitised before and after each session, e.g. spraying disinfectant and wiping commonly-touch areas.
    • The ventilation system, bringing fresh air inflow, will be remained on all the time.
    • The waiting area will be cleaned out on a regular basis and teams waiting must remain social distancing in the waiting area.
    • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the counter, or if you prefer to use your own sanitiser. please make sure you use it.
    • If you or your teammate is unwell /has any symptoms/ feel ill, STAY HOME Reschedule your appointment with us as soon as you could.

We take that seriously to remain the venue safe for you and your loved ones, therefore your cooperation is highly appreciated

Best regards

The One Room Escape



Q: I have never played escape room games before; what do I need to know anything before I come?

That’s cool, it means something new and exciting is waiting for you. No need to worry, come, play and enjoy the time with those you’d like to be locked in together to have an unforgettable experience.

Q: Will we play with people we don’t know? / Private game?

No. You are playing with your teammates only. This is also why the escape room game is one of the best team building activities for people of almost all ages.

Q: What if I am stuck?

Ah, that’s fine, a game master will be in control, if you are stuck, call him via the walkie talkie.

Q: My slot was taken before I complete the booking – shown “booked”

When you are making a booking and somehow your preferred slot was taken before you have completed your booking, no worries, refresh the page and wait 5-10 mins, it should be back on available or simply give us a call, we can check it for you if someone else has booked it.

Q: I booked the wrong date! / Something wrong with my booking

That’s alright, let us know immediately after you complete your booking by phone calls, emails even text msg, we are here to help.

Please note if it has been more than 30 mins after the completion of your booking, it will be considered as a change of mind and please refer to the following question.

Q: Can I cancel my booking? / Rescheduling?

1. Once your booking is accepted by our system, it will be considered as confirmed. No refund of the deposit on confirmed bookings or in case of no-show.
2. Please inform us at least 48 hours in advance of your booking time for rescheduling a new time slot.
3. Rescheduling within 48 hours will incur $50 rescheduling fee.

Q: Do you sell gift vouchers? 

A: Yes, you could purchase vouchers, click here.

Q: Age limit?

If you are under 16 years old, you will have to be accompanied by an adult. The adult will have to buy the ticket and go into the game with the group.

Q: I am running late!

If you are running late, you might have less time to play in order to allow the next team to start on time.

Your punctuality is greatly appreciated. It would be best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking time.

Q: Extra players? or dropping out at the last minute?

If you are not sure how many ppl will turn up, please select “pay deposit” to avoid overpaying.

Q: Can I book over the phone?

Sorry, we don’t take bookings over the phone due to the reason that we will be asking for your credit card details.

Q: Parking? Public transport?

Private parking slots are available just in front of the property.

There are also 2 hours of street parking available.

10mins walking distance from Glen Waverley Train station.

Q: What happens if lockdown happens again?

Well, we will have to reschedule your booking to a later date. Hopefully soon.