Return to Thebes
4-16 (Large game)
Group Size

Game Task

Return to mysterious mausoleum of Thebes, find out the clue left by John curator and reveal the truth of pharaoh's curse. ***This game is a large game, it has a bit of thinking and hands on, good to start with***

Background story

Return to Thebes | Adventure Room Melbourne

After ancient Egyptian capital was set in Thebes, most of Pharaohs buried in there.

Since 1923, the world-catching Tutankhamun coffin chamber was opened, the people who covet precious treasure in mausoleum always ready to start wriggling.

But with strong guarding of guardians, there is no one can going forward.

With the death of mausoleum’s evacuation person, this secret was resealed again. New curator John researches it for seven years, finally, he chooses to send an invitation to a explore team, but there were many tasks on the way.

Come to join the team to see if you can find out the unravel the mystery of "Return to Thebes". The mystery of our adventure room in Melbourne is waiting for you to discover. 

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